This is why Daniel Radcliffe thinks he landed his role in Harry Potter

The Harry Potter cast have admitted that they essentially gre up on the set of the iconic films. 

However, Daniel Radcliffe admits that it could very well have not been him who landed the leading role. 

'The thing that I will always say about myself is I was not the most gifted child actor,' he admitted, speaking to The Huffington Post about his role, which he took at age 11. 

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'When I look at other young actors, like when I look at the kids on Stranger Things or shows like that, I'm just like, 'Holy! My god! How are you doing that?' It's amazing,' he continued.

Radcliffe went on to explain that his sheer passion for the project brought his role to life.

'The thing I think I really was good at, and the thing I had, which was a huge advantage for me, was I just loved it.'


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'I loved being on set. I was good at being on set. I loved learning how to be helpful.'

'The greatest thing about being on set is you get to be part of a team.'

'That's the most special thing about it, and you get to feel like with everyone else you are making this thing together, and I loved that feeling straight away. I think that was definitely what made me a great fit for those films.'

We think he's being a little harsh on himself – we couldn't picture anyone lese in the role.