So, this 5-year-old feminist is Twitter’s (rightful) new heroine

When it comes to advocating for women's rights, you're never too early to start as one kick-ass little girl taught Channel 4 viewers this week.

Appearing on The Secret Life of 5-Year-Olds, Eva addressed issues surrounding women's right to vote, their place in the world of science and their ability to teach lads a thing or two when it comes to martial arts.

And Twitter is in complete awe.

"My god that girl, what absolute bad ass! I love her! She gives me so much hope for future generations," wrote one viewer.

"Eva for Prime Minister. She talks more sense," added another new-found fan.

And it wasn't just viewers who were won over by Eva's straight-talking, with her fellow star, Jude, paying tribute to his pal.

"She was very tough and very strong," he said. "Like the Hulk."

Damn right, she was.