Size DOES matter – watch your portions

Knowing your portion sizes is really important in general, and especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Read our guide on making sure you only have one serving instead of three!

One serving of meat is roughly around the size of a deck of cards, so don’t go overboard!

Pasta and Rice
Particularly tricky to get right since it swells when you add water, but generally you should give about one cup (or the size of a tennis ball) of dried pasta or rice for one serving.

Peanut Butter
This delicious spread is full of protein, but a little goes a long way. About two tablespoons should do for one serving.

About half a cup of veg will amount to one serving.

Baked potato
If you want something healthy, a baked potato about the size of your computer mouse is the perfect option.

It’s easy to just keep eating more and more cheese, but if you want to stick to the serving suggestions, you should only eat one and a half ounces (about the size of your thumb).