Singer’s past crime comes back to bite her


Just how you could forget about a conviction against you is beyond us, but that is apparently the cause of singer Keyshia Cole’s current court drama.

The singer is facing jail after police followed up on a DUI charge against her, only to discover that she never completed the alcohol education programme that formed part of her sentencing.

Authorities only made the realisation in September, after Keyshia was arrested for allegedly fighting with a woman at a condo in LA.

Upon Keyshia’s arrest, police discovered an outstanding warrant for the star, as a result of missing paperwork proving that she had served her sentence.

Now, Cole has found herself before the court once again over the incident, with her lawyer claiming that she did complete the sentence but just doesn’t have the documentation to prove it.

The Let It Go singer has been sentenced to 30 days jail, but the judge has agreed to let the sentence slide if she can produce the required documentation as proof.

We'll keep you posted on what happens in the case.