Singer tweets her relief after ‘almost dying’ after stage malfunction


Whatever about wardrobe malfunctions, stage equipment malfunctions are really no laughing matter, as Ariana Grande proved this week.

The star revealed that she narrowly escaped injury during the first show of her Honeymoon Tour, when the platform she was supposed to rise up onto the stage on began rising prematurely.

In a backstage video, one of the Problem singer’s stagehands revealed: “She’s just dangling there and the thing’s going up. We were scared that she was going to get her arm caught or something. It would’ve been horrible.”

While the crew may have been terrified however, it seems that Ariana handled the incident like a total pro.

He added: “She kind of had to springboard herself up and I thought, ‘That’s it. Show’s over. We’re done’. She picked the microphone up, walked up the stairs and started singing. I was like, ‘Badass. Toughest person I’ve ever met.’”

Commenting on the incident afterwards, Ariana admitted that she was genuinely scared for her life.

“We did it!!!! I almost died once but other than that it felt pretty good!” tweeted the 21-year-old, adding, “Other than almost dying (I cannot get over it???) tonight was a night I’ll never forget.”

Poor Ariana! Thank God she was okay.