Singer loses her temper on Twitter following alcohol rumours

Lily Allen is one unhappy bunny after a false report was created stating that she had given up alcohol and was trying to “grow up”.

According to reports, Lily allegedly told reporters at the British Fashion Awards: “I’m sober tonight. I haven’t had a drink for a month. It’s been hard not drinking, but I’m trying to grow up. Finally.”

However, it seems there may not be any truth to these claims as the singer has now taken to her Twitter account and blasted the media, threatening to leave the world of social media altogether:

“Let’s give up social media and the Mail Online. It’s killing me. That is all … I feel like we’re not evolved enough to handle the internet, psychologically. I preferred real record and newspapers with news in them … And everything was just better and nicer. We were nicer. And I wouldn’t be here … Might sell my twitter now.”

We can’t say we blame her for feeling sick of all of the rumours that seem to follow her, especially in relation to being a mum and her relationship with her husband. That said, we love Lily on Twitter – don’t leave us!