Singer arrested for assaulting her own daughter


R&B singer Angie Stone was taken into custody yesterday after being arrested for domestic aggravated assault on her own daughter.

The three-time Grammy nominee reportedly got into an argument with her 30-year-old daughter Diamond, which then escalated into an all out-brawl.

Diamond's injuries included a number of broken front teeth, which are thought to be due to Angie hitting her with a metal stand.

According to Diamond's police report, the fight started when Angie got angry at her for not cleaning up after her children properly. The report says that "Ms. Diamond Stone then went on to state that Ms. Angie Stone started [getting] in her face, telling her she needed to leave because she is tired [of] her."

Diamond was also taken into cusotdy but was later released without charge. Although Angie claimed her daughter started the argument by punching her in the face, and that she only injured Diamond accidentally in self-defence, she was still arrested and charged.

Speaking about the fight, Angie told police she hit her daughter by mistake "and once she realised this she quickly put the stand down and attempted to get away from" Diamond.

53-year-old Angie, who has gone by the name Angie B for much of her career, is best known for her tracks Brotha, No More Rain and Wish I Didn’t Miss You.