Singer addresses secret lesbian fling rumour


She’s no stranger to romance rumours, but Taylor Swift couldn’t hide her surprise when she heard the latest story being churned out.

The singer has been forced to deny that she and her model BFF, Karlie Kloss, are romantically involved, after a blurry photograph caused fans to jump to conclusions.

It all started when a fan shared a picture of what looks like the two ladies kissing to Twitter, with the caption: “Exclusive Taylor and Karlie making out #confirmed”.

However, all would-be fans of this coupling were left disappointed after a representative for the singer dismissed the rumours as “hilarious”.

Indeed, her rep would have the world know that Taylor and Karlie are nothing more than the very best of friends, and the photo just happened to catch them in a friendly embrace.

So there you have it. Now the world can get back to linking Taylor with every boy band member ever!