Signs you’re the socially awkward one in your group


There is always at least one in a group. The person that finds some certain social situations more difficult than others. There could be more the one. You could demonstrate certain aspects of it. Sure, hell, we have all experienced moments where we wish the floor would swallow us up. So, why not point these out to you just incase. Here are the Signs You Are The Socially Awkward One.

You Avoid People On Purpose
When you see someone on the street, you’re like a ninja in the night. You will even take drastic measures to dodge that person. You can hide from any walker by in the blink of an eye.


You Hate Talking To Your Hairdresser
You need to get your hair done but the thought of having to make small talk with your hairdresser pains you. They always have questions to ask you and a story to tell you and you don’t even know them! So. Awkward.


Your Voice Goes High At Random Times
Your voice may crack or go high at random moments. This makes you feel even more socially awkward. It is not a nice thing to happen.


First Dates Make You Cringe
You can’t deal with first dates. Then when you do go on one, you don’t know what to say. You may eventually get into the swing of things, but for a good while you forget how to speak.


Awkward Silences Cause You Acual Pain
Even watching the awkward silences on Made In Chelsea make you squirm., so when these silences happen in person, you may faint …or die. Yup, probably die.


Touching Someone Else’s Hand By Mistake Makes You Cringe
It could be the innocent touch of a friend’s hand or touching someone’s hand on public transport, but whatever it is, it is never easy. The awkward banter afterwards kills you and you just wish you had never left the house at all.


You Hate Dancing In Nightclubs
Unless you are heavily sedated with Jäger, dancing is not your forte. You feel like too many people are watching and that you are making a full blown prat out of yourself.


You Talk To More People On Chat Than You Do In Person
You find it easier to talk to people on Chat and harder to have a one-on-one conversation with them in the flesh. You just find you are more vocal sitting comfortably on Facebook.


When Drunk All This Social Awkwardness Goes Out The Window
Once you are polluted with vodka or whiskey, it all goes out the window. You are the life and soul of the party and everyone loves you. You wish you could be like this all the time.

girly drink

You Go Bright Red When You See The Guy/Girl You Like
It could be that you know your friends are nudging each other in the background but you just can’t help going bright red. And, you can’t make it stop. And then when you become aware of it, it gets worse. And then worse again. And again.


You Can’t Talk About Sex
The thought of having a conversation about someone’s detailed sex life makes you want to vomit all over your freshly ironed t-shirt.