Seal denies ‘false’ sexual assault claims amid police investigation

Seal has spoken out over recent sexual assault allegations after his former neighbour claimed he groped and 'forced himself on her.'

The singer's representatives say he “vehemently denies the recent allegations made against him”, insisting that he “intends to vigorously defend himself” against the claims.

According to TMZ, Tracey Birdsall filed a police report on Saturday, January 13, after reading an Instagram post in which Seal labelled Oprah a hypocrite, suggesting that she had known about the Harvey Weinstein scandal for years.


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Speaking to the online gossip site, Tracey explained how she and Seal “developed a close friendship” when they became neighbours in 2016.

She then told reporters that the star forced himself on her after insinuating that she was “asking for it” with her choice of clothing.

Despite expressing her discomfort the singer then began to grope her breasts and forcefully kiss her.

Shocked by the event that had just unfolded, Tracey claims that she and Seal then sat down on his couch before he once again belittled her for what she was wearing and continued to grope her.

According to reports, the situation is currently under investigation by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.