Scott Disick is said to be livid at Kourtney over son Reign


We were pretty excited when the first photo of Kourtney Kardashian’s baby, Reign Aston, was shared this week, but it seems that one person who was not overly excited was dad Scott Disick.

Scott, who refers to himself as ‘The Lord’, is said to be pretty peeved at girlfriend Kourtney for sharing the picture across social media, because he was hoping to score a big magazine deal for the first photos of Reign.

Sources claim that the reality star couple had been contemplating selling the rights to Reign’s first official photos to a big publication, but Kourtney decided against it – much to Scott’s disappointment.

“They were both initially considering going with a magazine offer, but after Reign was born they were on really different sides of the fence. Kourtney changed her mind and told Scot that she did not want to go with a tabloid because she felt like it was ‘selling her children’,” an insider revealed.

The source added: “Scott looks at everything like a business deal and is always looking for ways to cash in, but Kourtney has enough money that she does not need to go and do this for a measly $1 million.”

That’s what some people call ‘measly’?!

This news comes just weeks after Scott re-entered rehab over his relationship with alcohol, returning home after a week-long stint.