Rosanna Davison reveals her hubby’s DIRTY secret


Former Miss Ireland Rosanna Davison has been married for a couple of months now, so clearly she’s the go-to person for comments on how to have a successful relationship that will last through the years.

Apparently, the reason herself and Wesley Quirke get on so well is because she picks up all his dirty socks, but she doesn’t dare nag him to pick them up himself:

“I’m more of a clean freak and I’m always cleaning up after Wesley and our two little dogs, who have days when they’re hell bent on destruction. But the one thing I never do is nag him to clean up. Men hate to be nagged.”

They sure do, Rosanna, especially when they’re busy chilling out in their man cave as you pick up all the wet towels they left on the bathroom floor:

“He still leaves wet towels on the floor. I also tend to pick up a lot of socks from around the bedroom. But I’m sure I have my annoying habits.

“Wes has a man cave which I don’t venture into that often. It’s dark and it smells of pizza, beer and feet.”

We can only imagine how many smelly socks he has piled in the corner of his man cave to create such a stench, so we can’t blame Rosanna for steering clear – anyway, she’s too busy in the kitchen making his dinner:

“I do a lot of cooking for him. I make things like healthy granola bars, sweet potato wedges… The house often smells like baking.”

Well, it looks like Wesley Quirke has things nicely set up for himself. And let us never forget his lovely tweet the day they set off on their honeymoon:

“Honeymoon suite #Seychelles #presidentalsuite #lapreslin #huge #jacuzzi #lifestyle #pools #suite #5star #LetTheRidingBegin.”

Ah yes, “LetTheRidingBegin”. A true gent!