Ronan Keating’s new film does embarrassingly badly

We’re glad Ronan’s personal life is going so well, because if he was depending on his career for his happiness, well, he’d be left wanting.

Ronan made his acting debut in the film Goddess, where he played a husband whose wife becomes an overnight singing sensation and swaps the kitchen sink for stardom. It doesn’t sound THAT bad, but audiences clearly weren’t about to chance it, as the film has only made €92 in its first week in Ireland. Things get slightly better when you count the figures from the UK, but not drastically at just €1,020.

When asked about how he felt about the film, the singer previously said: “I’m scared, I’m nervous. The reviews are going to be … we’ll see.”

Sounds like he wasn’t too optimistic himself! Let’s just go back to focusing on the success of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, shall we?