Robert and Kristen got millions in Twilight bonuses


It may be two years since the last of the Twilight film franchise was released, but it seems big stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson stars are still reeling in on the cash.

A lawsuit between film financier, Goldcrest Film Distribution and studio, Summit Entertainment has revealed that Robert and Kristen got a total of $2.5million each, when it comes to bonuses.

So why are they going to court in the first place? Well it seems, Goldcrest is claiming that Twilight cost less than $40 million to make and that they gave approximately $10 million to the production upfront. In exchange, Goldcrest was supposed to receive a portion of the worldwide profits generated by the four films.

The lawsuit revealed that Twilight talent were awarded a total of $6 million in bonuses; while the author Stephenie Meyer was awarded $500,000.

But Kirsten and Robert definitely did the best out of the deal, as the film’s main couple were only supposed to be entitled to $300,000 in bonuses originally.