Rita Ora opens up about Fifty Shades of Grey role


Rita Ora made her acting debut as Mia Grey on the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film, and while she’s well used to shooting music videos, she says she didn’t find acting all that easy:

“It was incredibly difficult, I had to have someone in my ear telling me what to say before I said it.

“I was so nervous I forgot everything that I had learned.”

She says speaking with an American accent was a bit tricky aswell. However, she’s not worrying too much about her performance – what’s done is done. Now she has to figure out what she’s going to wear to the premiere!

“I’m thinking about what to wear at the premiere. I might bring a fan or do something. It would be like a nice little experience for someone to come with me, you know?”

And as for Jamie Doran clean shaven look, Rita says that while she’s a big fan of the scruffy look, “a nice little baby shave is not bad either, like a baby’s bum – it is always a nice touch.”