Red hot! Fans are desperate to stay in Fifty Shades of Grey pad


An unfortunate estate agent in Seattle is being hounded by Fifty Shades of Grey fans who are dying to spend a night in the apartment from the film.

The plush Escala apartment building is specifically mentioned by author E.L. James in the book, and producers managed to secure filming permission for the penthouse, though there are full-time tenants living there.

Real estate agent Erik Mehr said he has been plagued with calls from fans looking to spend a steamy evening in the apartment… with or without Jamie Dornan.

“Our silly phone calls have spiked again where people want to rent the room," he said. "I don't think they realise that this is a condominium building that residents live in and there is no Red Room." Aww Erik, way to ruin our fantasies!

The penthouse has panoramic views of Seattle’s skyline and was apparently purchased for a hefty $6.2 million last year by a family from Oregon. Bet they didn’t know what they were buying into with that purchase!