Reality star shares controversial photo at funeral


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has come under fire after posting a photo of her grandfather in an open casket at his funeral.

She tweeted a heartfelt message about her grandfather:

“Birth & burial, so much love & a family who was touched by you. You are the best man we knew. [Love] you Grandpa #heaven.”

The star attached three photos to her tweet, which you can see here.

We doubt Farrah was expecting the outpour of abuse that her photo caused. People accused the star of being disrespectful and exploiting the photo to get attention. One online publication wrote:

“Farrah, you’re a repugnant, awful, self-serving human being.

“We always try to see the best in people, and even if they’re mostly consumed by the terrible things that they might do or say, we feel there’s just got to be a redeeming quality somewhere. … Unfortunately for you, we just don’t think there is, and there likely won’t ever be.”

What's your opinion on sharing this kind of photo? We’d love to hear what you think.