Rapper gunned down in McDonalds


A rapper, known as Big Paybacc, was gunned down yesterday while eating at a Palmdale branch of fast food giant, McDonalds in California. The rapper, whose real name is Habeeb Ameer Zekajj, was known for his YouTube videos and 2011 hit 'Gangster Luv'.

The incident which took place at lunchtime yesterday is currently under investigation, but witnesses have said that no altercation took place prior to the murder. Speaking about the gunman, the LA County Sheriff's Department Lt John Corina has said: "He had something against the individual. It wasn't like he shot up the McDonald's. He just shot him and left."

Big Paybacc's girlfriend Jessica Jefferson expressed her outrage at the nature of the killing, saying: "For them to be that bold to run up to someone in a McDonald's in daylight, in front of people, kids you know, and to just take some kind of vengeance on somebody, it’s, it’s inhumane."

The 38-year-old father-of-three had plans to move in with his girlfriend and Jessica said of her deceased boyfriend: "Everybody loves him and he's a good rapper. He has so many followers and people who stand behind him. He really is a good, solid person."

What a truly shocking incident.