Prince Harry ‘twerked’ the night away


Prince Harry and William attended the wedding of their good friends, Guy Pelley and Lizzy Wilson last Saturday in Memphis.

But apparently Harry was the real star of the wedding thanks to his unusual dance moves, as one guest revealed that the Prince was one of the first to hit the dance floor.

“Harry hit the floor pretty much as soon as the band started playing and was twerking into the early hours. Harry was dancing with the ladies. There were just so many, he was surrounded,”

Another wedding guest said there wasn’t much room for Harry to move on the dance floor though, as he wasn’t short for female attention.

“There were so many packed in around him you couldn’t tell if he was with one girl or 20 girls.”

It seems that him and William were really the life and soul of  the party, as they even got on stage, to sing Shout with the wedding band.

Now, that is definitely a wedding we would like to attend.