Pregnant Irish star posts hilarious tweet begging her baby to stay put


Republic of Telly presenter Jennifer Maguire is currently several days overdue with her first child – and today could be the big day.

However she revealed on social media this morning that she's hoping her new arrival will wait until tomorrow, to avoid having to burden her child with a Paddy's Day-appropriate name.

The star, who married her long-term partner Lau Zamparelli last summer, took to Twitter to beg the little one to "stay up there" for another 24 hours:

Paddy Zamparelli – kind of has a ring to it!

Even if her little one does decide to make his or her entrance today, we're sure Jennifer will be thrilled, as she admitted she's tired of waiting. "I want to have it as soon as possible. Please, because I'm tired of telling everyone, 'nope, not yet'", she told the Irish Independent earlier this week.

Jennifer also revealed that she's keen to get back to work as soon as she feels up to it after the birth. "I suppose I worked right up to my due date because I felt great… And, let's be honest, sitting on my arse doing a radio show is hardly work," she said. 

"I'm not picking stones or on my feet for hours. I'll be off for around ten to twelve weeks depending."

We'll be waiting with bated breath for the big news today (or tomorrow, if Jennifer gets her way)!