Popstar stuns holiday makers with steamy pool party carry-on


Just weeks after calling time on his four year relationship with Eleanor Calder, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson has been spied locking lips with a mystery girl at a pool party in Thailand.

According to onlookers at the resort in Phuket, the 23-year-old popstar got up close and personal with a young lady who was also staying at the five star hotel.

It seems Louis and bandmate Zayn decided to  to take some down-time in Thailand following a dramatic few weeks for the pair, but if they were hoping for a bit of a privacy, they weren't very lucky on that front.

Vacationers were apparently stunned to realise that two members of the world's biggest boy band were staying in the same hotel, admitting:" We woke up at 06.30am when we heard music and voices by the pool. After looking out the window of our room we noticed it was Louis and Zayn. We couldn't believe it."

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, fellow holiday-makers admit they got front row seats for a bit of a steamy show from Louis and his lady friend, revealing: "They were snogging passionately. It looks like they got carried away partying."

It seems Louis may have a type if other comments are anything to go by, with one witness mistaking his mystery gal for his ex, saying: "I thought it was Eleanor until she turned around."

We wonder how Eleanor will feel about her ex moving on so quickly.