Pop star plans to “re-evaluate” her life after last album flopped


It’s back to the drawing board for singer Jessie J after she admitted her last album didn’t go down so well with fans.

The 26-year-old pop star released Alive in September 2013, and though it debuted at number three in the UK charts, it quickly fell down the top 40. The singer’s singles also struggled, with her most recent, Thunder, peaking at number 13.

This is a very different story from Jessie’s début album Who You Are, which went four times platinum and sparked two number one singles.

The singer now plans to release new music soon in order to get music lovers back on her side.

“I’m very aware of how Alive sold, which is why right now I’m working on new music to be put out ASAP,” said the celebrity. “I’m a businesswoman as well as an artist and I’m aware Alive didn’t do as well as Who You Are, but that doesn’t mean I’m a flop.”

The  singer is now “re-evaluating” herself in order to ensure her third album is more successful.

She added, “It doesn’t mean I’m not talented. It just means I have to re-evaluate what’s going on in my life and what I can improve. It’s funny that people tell me like I wouldn’t see it.

“One year Yves Saint Laurent is the biggest-selling clothing line and the next it’s D&G. You can’t be the person at the top all the time.”