Perrie abused on Twitter following Zayn’s departure from 1D


It was only hours ago that it was announced Zayn Malik had quit One Direction after five years with the band.

The move came only days after he was accused of cheating on his fiancée, Perrie Edwards and because of this it would appear fans are blaming the Little Mix star.

One look at Twitter will see Perrie being branded as One Direction’s answer to Yoko Ono who was said to be the cause behind John Lennon’s departure from The Beatles back in 1969.

Fans are not holding back in their criticism of Zayn’s fiancée but we’re sure she’s taking it all in her stride – after all, this was surely the expected reaction given the timing of the announcement.

We wonder if these two will make it down the aisle at all with all of this drama…

Let's hope that true One Direction fans will realise that even if his choice to quit the band does have to do with Perrie then that's okay too – after all, it's HIS choice!