Paul Mescal shares sweet birthday tribute to Daisy Edgar-Jones

Daisy Edgar-Jones celebrated her 22nd birthday this weekend and her Normal People co-star Paul Mescal penned a sweet birthday tribute to the actress. To mark her special day, Mescal shared a series of photos of the actress, including a behind the scenes photo from when the pair were filming Normal People in Dublin.

Alongside the beautiful photos, the actor wrote, “Happy birthday to this LEGEND! @daisyedgarjones you are one of a kind. Have the best day ever.”

Edgar-Jones recently opened up about how special their friendship is. The 22-year-old joined author and journalist Elizabeth Day on her fantastic How To Fail podcast (which you need to listen to.)


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The Normal People star couldn’t help but gush about how special their friendship is. She said that she will treasure their relationship forever. “Paul and I’s relationship is the complete polar opposite to Marianne and Connell’s. Marianne and Connell are quite serious at times, they do have a laugh together, but they’re quite deep and speak about quite big subjects. Paul and I are the polar opposite. I’m massively flappy and get the giggles really easily and we’re very silly together and that really helped when we were filming.

“Our friendship is a wonderful thing and something I’ll treasure forever. I feel so lucky to have met Paul. 

Speaking of filming Normal People together, the actress added, “Paul had never done TV before and I’d only done a few small parts here and there so for us both it was a big first experience and quite scary.

“It was a huge amount of pressure. We both loved the characters and we loved the book and wanted to do it justice.”

“We were very lucky we got on and helped each other through it all.”


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You can listen to Daisy’s full interview on How To Fail here.

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