Paris Hilton is getting her revenge after that terrifying plane prank


As we reported over the weekend, poor Paris Hilton was left in tears after what has to be the most badly thought out prank of all time… and now she's considering suing those involved.

The producers of the Egyptian TV show Ramez In Control were the brains behind the "fun" joke, in which Paris was duped into thinking her plane was crashing to the ground in a nosedive while on an aerial tour of Dubai. The recorded footage shows the heiress screaming "What is happening? Is this normal?" before bursting into hysterical tears and shouting "No" repeatedly. 

Moments after the plane landed safely, Paris was told of the joke, and though she laughed it off at the time (through tears, mind you) she is said to have been terrified.

The 34-year-old socialite maintains she had no idea the faked flight problems were a joke, and she is now threatening legal action against the show's producers, according to TMZ.

Paris' lawyers have reportedly told her that she has a strong case for emotional distress, especially because she was in fear for her life throughout the incident.

Ramez Galal's pranking show is known in Egypt for its out-there stunts, but many were left stunned by the shocking nature of ths particular one. And according to Paris, the flight was even more terrifiying than it looked on screen, as the plane nearly hit the water below when it dived and then looped in the air as it ascended. At one point, the heiress watched as a man wearing a parachute was thrown from the plane mid-flight.

We reckon she has every right to sue – what an awful "joke" to play.