Our favourite health and fitness apps for your smartphone!

Most of us can't afford a personal trainer or a nutritionist to make sure we're as healthy and fit as we can be. What we do have at our disposal though – usually for free – are millions of amazing apps to help log our workouts, get motivated and count calories.

Here's our pick of the best, covering everything from that morning run to your cheeky "how many calories is in a Big Mac?" dinner.

1. Daily Ab Workout – FREE
This app is full of hundreds of short exercise videos – choose a new one every day or repeat them to try beat your best record. With a personal instructor in each clip, who needs a real-life trainer? Other versions of the app offer tailored exercises for your arms, legs and booty!

2. Map My Run – FREE
An oldie but a goodie. This is the highest rated runner's app for a reason. Simply press "Start" as soon as you head off and your route, calories and pace will all be logged. If you're living or staying somewhere new, choose from a range of routes logged by other runners. You can share your running stats on social media or keep them for yourself to smugly look back at every week!

3. Zombies, Run – €3.20
If you're sick of the same playlist on your iPod, liven things up by racing from zombies as you run. The music on your phone or iPod is integrated into the game, along with sound effects and warnings as the zombies get closer to out-running/eating you. Choose from over 100 different runs so that you're not facing the same battle every time!

4. My Fitness Pal – FREE
This calorie-counting app has over 4 million varieties of food listed, including every brand name you can think of. Quickly log your food, and include any daily exercise too to get an accurate idea of how many calories you're burning and taking in each day.

5. Gympact – FREE
The idea behind Gympact mightn't be for everyone, but it's certainly a different approach to fitness. Every time you set a food or fitness related goal, you also set a cash "fine" that you'll be charged if you don't kep up your side of the bargain. The deal? If you reach your goal, you'll get a portion of the fines paid by other members. 

6. Yoga Studio – €3.20
With ready-made video classes ranging from basic beginners to super-stretchy advanced, this app is a great option for winter when leaving the house in the evenings becomes less and less appealing. Whatever kind of yoga you prefer – strengthening, relaxing or high-intensity – there's a class for you.