Our all-time favourite Ellen Show moments!

The legendary Ellen DeGeneres turns 57 today, and to celebrate we're taking a look back at some of the moments from her show that made us laugh the most over the years…

1. That time she terrified the life out of Taylor Swift
Much as we love Taylor, we got SUCH a kick out of this prank!


2. That time she learnt the Gangnam Style dance with PSY…
…And Britney Spears. NBD.


3. That time Sofia Vergara did an "Ellen in your ear" prank on an unsuspecting shopkeeper
"I'm in a new movie called When Dogs Are Running and Horses are Silent"


4. That time Crystal Swring introduced the world to Cork


5. That time four-year-old Kai sang Bruno Mars with such SOUL
Kai's been back on the show a number of times since, but we love this first performance!


6. Basically any time she said something like this…

Happy birthday Ellen!