Oprah tweeted about eating BREAD and casually made 11 million euro

While the Kardashians might literally make thousands from a single Instagram post, Oprah Winfrey has just shown them all who's boss as she raked up a cool twelve million dollars with a single tweet about bread yesterday. 

That's just over eleven million euro to you and me. 

According to the maths brains at Market Watch, Oprah's seemingly innocuous tweet and thirty second video about how she manages to lose weight whilst eating bread turned out to be worth millions for the TV host. 

The tweet was used to promote Oprah's weight loss journey as part of Weight Watchers and when you combine this with the fact that Oprah has the single largest stake in the weight loss company, you can see how the dollahs would tend to add up. 

And as a testament to the power of social media, after Oprah released the short video, shares increased in the company to just under two euro. 

So with Oprah owning over six million of those shares, this basically means Oprah is currently sitting on eleven million euro off the back of that one tweet. 

However, the money won't go straight into her bank account right away as we don't suppose she has any intention to sell those valuable shares just yet. 

I mean, would you?