One of the most refreshing drinks

It can be easy to get bored of drinking regular water on a daily basis, especially, if you are someone who tries to live by the ‘six glasses a day’ rule.

If you find it hard to drink water because you think it’s tasteless, here is a way you can add a bit of flavor to your water without turning it into an ‘unhealthy’ drink.

Just add a few slices of cucumber to your water and feel your body refresh.

Since cucumbers have a 95% water content, they do a great job in hydrating the body.  Some people find that cucumber water is a great substitute for sweet drinks, tea and in extreme cases, coffee.

As well as keeping your body hydrated, cucumber water can help with weight loss, digestion and more importantly, it’s an effective hangover cure.

Try some cucumber water – your body will love you for it.