One of the best things about living in Ireland RUINED by Carlow man!


When our friends would brag about their long sunny Australian evenings over Skype, it never really bothered us. Why? Because all we had to do was remind ourselves that while they may be enjoying the sun, we have something much better – a lack of deadly spiders.

Well, not anymore, thanks to one Carlow man.

Over ONE HUNDRED killer spiders were found in an abandoned house in Carlow when the man who had lived there called the National Exotic Animal Sanctuary (NEAS) to let them know about his exotic eight-legged friends.

Kevin Cunningham is the manager of the NEAS and said that the man had bought the spiders online:

“The man had bought the spiders over the internet and had them delivered to him…this is a growing problem that we are seeing here.”

A growing problem? What is wrong with people?!

“Many of the spiders would just give a nasty bite but some like the funnel-web spider were a cause of concern.

“The spiders were posted from abroad. Imagine if they got out of the packaging while in transit.”

Imagine? We can’t do anything BUT imagine this nightmare scenario, Kevin. And after years of watching our dads fail to catch those speedy spiders from our bedrooms, we can’t help but think that there’s no way the NEAS could have got them all. There’s got to be a few escapees lurking around the Carlow vicinity.

Watch out!