Katy Perry on One Direction Niall Horan's crush

One Direction singer faces rejection


Everyone knows that news travel fast and Niall Horan’s crush on Katy Perry is no exception.

Perry was seen with the One Direction star just a few weeks ago and seems to be taking the situation quite lightly, as she told BBC Radio 1 that she could “babysit” the youngster.

It’s clear that Katy doesn’t see him as anything more than a brother type and she even joked that he just might owe his career to her:

She said: “I love Niall. I think people forget that I chose him! He owes me. I was a judge on The X Factor and it was up to my vote to see if he could go through.”

The 29-year-old singer added: “I was sceptical but then he made this cute little face – that doesn’t look like that cute little face any more. It’s more a grown up face. It’s a bit more like, ‘I’m at the gym. I like to get buff at 9am’.”

When she was asked about her relationship with John Mayer, the good-humoured star responded: “I’m pregnant with his children right now.”

It’s clear the I Kissed a Girl singer enjoys a good laugh, but perhaps Horan should go for someone his own age?