Once a cheater, always a cheater?


There is a saying that they way you start your relationship is the way it will end. It means that if your boyfriend cheated on their last girlfriend with you, they will cheat on you with the next girl.

A research team in Alabama have done a series of studies into whether cheaters change, and the results are not good.

Relationships that started when one person is “stolen” from their current partner tend to be rotten from the start.

The researchers examined all different age groups, and found that “individuals who were poached by their current romantic partners were less committed, less satisfied, and less invested in their relationships”.

They also found that people who cheated their way into their current relationship “tend to be socially passive, not particularly nice to others, careless and irresponsible, and narcissistic.”

“They also tend to desire and engage in sexual behaviour outside of the confines of committed relationships.”

The basic lesson is that people don’t change. If a guy cheats on his girlfriend to be with you, it’s not because you’re so amazing he couldn’t stop himself – it’s because he’s a cheater. Don’t be surprised if karma comes knocking.