Obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s pout? Then you NEED to read this!


If you’ve ever wondered how celebs such as Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan and even Kylie Jenner, get their plump pout – we may have found the answer…

While Kylie has always denied having any type of surgery to enhance the plumpness of her lips, perhaps she’s been taking a leaf out of Holly’s book! The reality TV star shared a photo on her Instagram account that showed her using a device to create suction that in turn made her lips bigger.

Holly captioned the image: “I know a lot of you hate big lips and what not so you haters can keep scrolling. I havnt had lip fillers for around 9 month. Although my lips are naturally big this new #candylipz plumps them up massively!! Couldn't recommend this product enough! Sold by@gemwrightbeauty have a look at some before and afters on her Insta it's an amazing product!!”

So now we know! Holly’s pump pout is courtesy of a hand-held suction…thingy. Would you consider using something like this?