Not feeling great? You might be able to blame your job

We all know working is a pain in the bum but did you know it could actually be slowly killing you – yes, we are going for the dramatics here!

It’s ruining your eyesight
If you spend a good portion of your day looking at a computer screen it could leave you with computer-vision syndrome. If you are ending your day with headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision you need to get away from the computer every hour.

It’s causing you to be stressed
Work is definitely the worst culprit for bringing stress into your life. To combat it, try not to bring work home and if your workload is getting too heavy, say something.

It’s breaking your back
You know that pain in the lower part of your back? Well, you can blame it on your job. Whether you sit all day or stand you are bound to be causing your back some damage. To beat it, make sure you have correct posture and alternate between standing and sitting.

It spreads germs
With the increase in workload, less and less people staying at home even if they are sick. This means the person sitting in the corner coughing and sneezing over everything is just spreading their germs around – you might want to bring a hand sanitizer with you tomorrow.