Nine things your man has definitely lied about!


Honesty is the foundation of any strong relationship, but the odd white lie can be just as important in keeping things running along smoothly.

While we’re certainly not advocating telling big fibs, a little “untruth” isn’t the worst thing in the world if it means he cares and want you to be happy.

Here are nine things your man has most definitely lied about at one point or another…

1. His “number”
Unless you both were each other’s first, it’s more than likely he’s slept with way more/less people than he’d ever let on. Maybe he didn’t want you to know how inexperienced he was, or maybe he didn’t want you to feel jealous. Either way, when you asked him he probably picked a random number from the air and now needs to stick with that for the rest of his days.

2. How drunk he was last night
“We had fair few pints” can be roughly translated to “We started on the Jagerbombs around 6pm, I lost my keys, climbed in the front window holding my kebab and fell asleep on the stairs until the sun woke me at 6am.”

3. If he thinks your friends are good looking
It’s possible to think someone’s hot without actually fancying them, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to own up to it. When you ask if he thinks your bestie is hot he’ll probably look shifty and say “What? I hadn’t noticed. Is she?” even if she’s got looks to rival Megan Fox.

4. How much porn he watches
This is just one thing you’re NEVER going to get an honest answer about, so cut your losses now! If you’d like a rough estimate, take the answer he gave you and multiply it by 20. That should do it.

5. What he thinks of your family
Even if your family are the most relaxed around, in-laws are always going to be hard to deal with. Sure, he doesn’t mind heading over for Sunday dinner but that doesn’t mean he and your dad are going to be BFFs.

6. What that dress looks like on you
We’re not suggesting he’d ever think you look anything less than hot, but asking him to rate ten different outfits in a row as you get ready for dinner is just going to prompt him to say “perfect!” over and over again until you go with the first dress you tried on anyway.

7. If he really wants to go on that Girls’ Night Out with you
This lie is generally told early on in the relationship, where you’re both super eager to please one another. What better way to introduce him to your friends than to invite him along to your catch-up cocktail night? He might grin and bear it but it’s all part of the call of duty!

8. If he prefers your cooking to his mam’s
An Irish man is always going to favour his mammy’s cooking, sorry ladies. That slow-cooked beef with roasted root vegetables is just never going to beat a bowl of plain old stew mopped up with some bread and butter!

9. What he really thinks of cuddling
Spooning, snuggling, whatever your preference, you can be guaranteed it's not his. He might enjoy it for five minutes in bed but all you're really doing is forcing him to give up precious bed space!