‘Never been happier’: Lewis Capaldi opens up about his girlfriend

Lewis Capaldi is officially off the market. The Scottish singer revealed he is in a relationship during a chat with a fan.

The Someone You Loved opened up about his relationship during a Zoom call, The Scottish Sun reported. The fan asked Capaldi if he prefers to be single or in a relationship and the singer admitted his girlfriend would kill him if he said single. “Well, I'm in a relationship so if I said the other one, my girlfriend would kill me."

“You backed me into a corner. If I'd said [I prefer] 'being single', I would never have heard the end of it. So there you go."


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“I've never told anybody that I'm in a relationship, so there you go. It's an exclusive for you, right here right now,” he added.

The Before You Go singer didn’t reveal too much about his other half, but told the fan a few details, “She's got red hair, she's got quite a posh voice. And that's that, that's all you're getting.”

The singer said he has “never been happier”, but unfortunately he hasn’t been able to see his girlfriend since lockdown began. He explained that he was able to see her the week before quarantine started, but she was going back home.

He quipped, “I'm not good to be around that often. Like a little ten-minute spell, keep me there, great. I think for everyone's sanity it's good if it's just little doses. Take me in doses."