The 9 Michelin star Irish restaurants to impress a date

The new Michelin Guide has been launched, and we have the results for Irish restaurants.

While no new contenders made the cut, all nine of last year’s picks kept their coveted Michelin star.

Now you will be able to wow your date and maybe not completely bankrupt yourself in the process with our helpful price guide listing the nine restaurants from expensive to 'Oh my god, what happened to my money?'


Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

The prices listed on this restaurant’s menu are nothing short of laughable. A two course meal will set you back €90. Each. And that’s the cheapest option. Maybe save this one for the lotto win.

Thornton’s at the Fitzwilliam Hotel

Pretty expensive, but doable for a very special meal. A three course dinner here is €70, but you can get lunch or a pre-theatre menu for €35 and €50 respectively if you spend a bit less.

Chapter One

Chapter One is what we call fancy-normal. It’s extremely nice, and certainly costs more than your average meal out, but you won’t feel like you are ruining the place with your unworthy presence.


€22 for a starter. €22. *eye twitches*

Bon Appétit, Malahide.

While the standard three course meal comes in at a painful €85 each, they do have early bird menus and special offers on their website. If you eat at 6pm, a three course meal will only set you back €29.95 – a bargain for a Michelin star!


Campagne in Kilkenny City

Both the a la carte and set menus are fairly reasonable here. It’s around €10-€13 for a starter and €30 for a main course. Again the early-bird is the best way to cut costs, where you pay €27 for two courses and €32 for three courses.

Lady Helen at Mount Juliet Hotel, Thomastown

Let’s just say that this place has lobster as a starter.


House Restaurant at Cliff House Hotel

Terrifyingly fancy. You won’t be sure whether they eat the food or put it in a gallery. It’s €70 for three courses of their food art.


Aniar Restaurant

Unusual menu, it just lists ingredients rather than how they might be presented. One of the ingredients is ‘duck heart’. Yummy.

Starters are €12.50 and main courses are €32.50, or you can go the whole shebang and get a tasting menu with wine and cheese for €112.50.

Where’s that lotto ticket?