Multi-tasking can produce great results, but it isn’t great for your body

It’s a skill that your boss might adore you for, but it looks like multi-tasking causes more stress for your body than you think.

Research shows that doing too many things at once sends electric signals throughout the body which cause stress.

So rather than being superwoman, take a few minutes to relax and see what you can do to get rid of this habit:


A rested mind makes for a rested person. Quiet the mind with some meditation until you learn to drive away stressful thoughts that overwhelm you.


Take a break from all things technological. Turn off your phone, television, iPod – everything. Try to go without them for at least an hour. If you do it at night, your brain can slow down before you snooze off.

Be earthy

Go for a long walk and take a few moments to enjoy the nature around you. You’ll be surprised how refreshing it is.