Molly-Mae and Tommy address dog’s death in heartbreaking video

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have been forced to address rumours about the death of their dog, just days after their puppy passed away.

The couple revealed that their dog Mr Chai died suddenly earlier in the week and had asked people to respect their privacy as they come to terms with the loss of their pet. However, people quickly accused the pair of mistreating the dog and said that the couple solely bought him as an accessory. Others even blamed the couple on the dog’s death.

The Love Island stars had no choice but to address the rumours and explain what actually happened to the Pomeranian in a heartbreaking video on Molly’s YouTube channel.

"From two days in, we started to pick up on a few things so we took him to the vet. I could tell something wasn't right."


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The couple, who looked completely devastated, explained that their dog had a seizure when he was in the vets, which was caused by an issue with his skull. "Chai's skull wasn't fully developed. Part of his brain was exposed. In a tiny dog, any knock probably wasn't very helpful.

The couple stressed that moving Chai from Russia to the UK did not cause his death, but admitted they wouldn’t do that if they could reverse their decision.

“People that are saying we bought him for Instagram likes, please stop saying that. Our lives are on social media, my full-time job is to show you guys what I'm doing. If I didn't have Instagram, he wouldn't be on Instagram,” Molly explained.

"We're not asking for any kind of sympathy. What's happened is awful. I'm asking you to understand that the dog travelling from Russia is not the reason he died.

“Whilst we completely understand everyone's opinions about being shipped over from Russia, what you need to understand is that is not what made him die,” they stressed.

They added that Chai would have died early regardless of where he was. The couple were not aware of the skull condition when they bought him nor was the breeder.