Model Emma Louise Connolly opens up about ‘baby blues’ & social media fears


Model Emma Louise Connolly welcomed baby Bonnie just 12 days ago with husband Ollie Proudlock from Made in Chelsea.

Now, the 30-year-old has taken to her Instagram stories to share updates on how life has been since giving birth to her daughter.

In one snap of her lying in bed, Emma opened up about feeling down after having Bonnie. She wrote, “I felt the blues HARD day 3/4/5 postpartum. I cried A LOT and couldn’t understand why”.

Credit: Instagram

Shd continued, “I was (of course) completely and utterly in love & so elated for her safe, healthy arrival but I couldn’t shake the emotional rollercoaster that hit me”.

“All of the midwives (and of course my husband) were so, so incredible at picking me up, holding my hand & helping me navigate these new feelings. It’s a time that I will always remember so vividly, albeit incredibly emotional”.

Emma also opened up about her and Proudlock’s decision to not share their daughter’s face on social media yet.

Credit: Instagram

The mum-of-one shared a photo of her breastfeeding the tot with the caption, “I feel extremely protective of her. She is still so tiny (12 days!) and so for now we are keeping her beautiful little face to ourselves. She hasn’t met any friends or family yet so maybe we will feel more comfortable sharing her once she has met those nearest & dearest to her and she is a little older”. 

“As much as I would love to share her and scream about her from the rooftops, there are A LOT of people on the internet & it makes me feel a little uneasy at the minute”.

Emma and Ollie announced they were expecting their first child together on their one year wedding anniversary in December 2021 and welcomed her into the world on May 14.