Mischa Barton is suing her “greedy stage mother” for stealing


Actress Mischa Barton has filed a lawsuit against her own mother, it was revealed last night.

The star, who had child parts in The Sixth Sense and Notting Hill before getting her break playing rich girl Marissa Cooper in The O.C., claims her mother stole a significant amount of her earnings and even kicked Mischa out of her own mansion.

Mischa claims her mum Nuala took advantage of her daughter's success by taking on the role of talent manager with no qualifications. "This action arises from the tragic tale of a greedy stage mother posing as a talent manager who, instead of acting in the best interest of her daughter/client, schemed to defraud her unsuspecting victim,” Mischa's lawyer said. 

"From the outset, Nuala positioned herself to siphon her daughter’s hard-earned money by purportedly acting as her talent manager – a role for which Nuala had absolutely no experience or training.”

The documents filed against Nuala pinpoint one incident in particular where she lied to her daughter about what she had earned for her role in a film called The Hoarder. After being told by her mother that she was earning a certain amount, Mischa later found out that her salary had been significantly higher, but that Nuala had claimed the difference for herself.

In another money-grabbing move, Nuala is said to have used Mischa's name to create a handbag line and a London boutique without giving her daughter any share in the profits.

It's also alleged that Mischa's mum named herself as co-owner of the actress' Beverly Hills mansion, and later kicked her out as well as taking loans out against the property. Nuala now lives in the mansion with Mischa's father, Paul Barton. 

The lawsuit states that Mischa's parents "sit back expecting their daughter's hard work and dedication to her craft to support their lifestyle," and notes that neither Nuala or Paul have had a job in over a decade.

Wow – sounds like there's a lot to work through…