Michelle Keegan faces more pre-wedding drama


Uh oh!

It looks like Michelle Keegan just can't escape Mark Wright's ex, Lauren Goodger. 

It was reported that he had bumped into Lauren earlier this month after arriving at the same gym within half an hour of each other.

Everyone presumed this would be a VERY awkward encounter, but apparently not…

A source claimed: “Mark knows Michelle doesn’t like hearing about Lauren so tried to play down their meeting in the gym. But a mutual pal told Michelle they’d seen Lauren and Mark having a conversation and laughing together." 

They continued: “Michelle blew her top and it led to a blazing row. She asked him why he didn’t tell her that they’d spoken. Mark assured her that he loves her and has no interest in Lauren. Michelle told him she doesn’t want him speaking to Lauren ever again. Mark didn’t want to keep the fight going so said he’d avoid Lauren from now on.”

The gorgeous couple are set to get married next month so lets hope tensions have died down by then.

Mark Wright went out with TOWIE star Lauren Goodger for 10 years before they called off their engagement in 2011.

He got engaged to Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan in 2013.