Michelle Keegan is celebrating some amazing news today


Mark Wright was definitely feeling happy with himself last night after some great news was announced for his fiancée Michelle Keegan.

Michelle, who was in Dubai this weekend for a glamourous hen party with friends, was revealed by FHM as the World's Sexiest Woman for 2015.

The former Coronation Street star won over the likes of Kendall Jenner, Kate Upton, and last year's winner Jennifer Lawrence. This is Michelle's first time winning, though she was ranked second last year and fourth in 2013. 

Over a million votes were counted to decided the winner, with even Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry (aged 80!) getting a look in at number 73.

Although Michelle kept quiet about the news on her own social media feeds, Mark took the opportunity to have a cheeky boast about his fiancée's incredible looks.

Posting a link to FHM's announcement on Twitter, the reality star wrote, "To all the fellas in the world I just want to say….. I'm sorry !!!! That beautiful creature is about to be my wife."

Both Mark and Michelle work hard to maintain their svelte figures, visiting the gym three to four times a week. "We do train at the same time but not together," Mark revealed in an interview about his and Michelle's routines last year. "[Michelle] does her own thing. We teach each other and give each other tips."

However Michelle still gives into her sweet tooth every now and then and isn't afraid to indulge. "I'm not one for crash dieting or this juicing business but I love my food," she said in an interview recently. "All my family are real foodies. I'm no saint and I do like junk food."