Mango’s new collection facing criticism


Mango has come under some hot, hot fire following the unveiling of their new line called Violeta, which caters for sizes 12-24.

The new collection has critics asking; ‘Is size 12 ‘plus size’?’

Given that today the average woman’s size is 12-14, this means Mango has just branded the average woman as ‘plus size’.

This follows the row on Facebook and Twitter when Cosmopolitan uploaded the photo below of model Robyn Lawley in which she was described as “plus size”.

Looking at Robyn, I think we can all agree she is beautiful and healthy looking and definitely a representation of what the average woman would strive for.

A huge backlash from social media seems to tell us that woman (and indeed men too) are finally fighting back against what the fashion industry is telling us is suitable.

robyn lawley