Major concern as actor ditches family home for hotel

More than a few eyebrows have been raised of late when it emerged that Eastenders star Danny Dyer no longer lives at home with his partner, Jo Mass, and their three children.

Speculation was rife when it was reported that the actor actually lives in The Manor Hotel in Herfordshire, which is in relatively short proximity to his family home.

The rumour mill understandably went into overdrive following this revelation, with sources concerned for the Mass/ Dyer family dynamic wondering exactly what was going on and saying: "It's a mystery why he'd spend the first two weeks of 2015 in a hotel."

Quick to slam any rumours that may affect her family life, feisty Jo was determined to set the record straight, saying: "He's been at the Manor House, but that's more for Eastenders."

While the Eastenders set is indeed only minutes from the hotel, many have wondered if Danny needed to take such a drastic step for work purposes, but does Jo care what people think?! Hell no!

Cursing at The Sun newspaper over the speculation, Jo spat: "Danny's due home today. So print your pictures, I don't give a sh*t!"

Well, there you have it.