Made in Chelsea star shows off the effects of recent exercise regime


Former Made in Chelsea star, Caggie Dunlop, is very pleased with the results of her recent intensive exercise regime.

Caggie must be taking some exercise tips from her best friend, Millie Mackintosh, who is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle.

Caggie took part in an intensive bootcamp and was delighted that she lost seven pounds: “I’m not exactly big so can’t believe I’ve lost seven pounds.”

After some fairly intense, muddy and sweaty workouts during the bootcamp, Caggie says that her bum is “the tightest it’s ever been.”

The former reality TV star surely didn’t have much, if anything, to lose but it’s always nice to workout and get toned up!

Hmm, we need to get ourselves into some of these workouts that all the celebs are into!