Made In Chelsea star left “deeply disturbed” by nude photo leak


Made In Chelsea star Alik Alfus was left very red-faced recently when an intimate photo of him appeared online without his knowledge.

The photo, of him laughing while watching Great British Bake Off with a LOT on show, appeared on his girlfriend Louise Thompson's Instagram account a few weeks ago.

However Alik says the image was fake and that Louise's Instagram account had been hacked.

Whatever the reason behind the photo leak, Alik says he was left "deeply disturbed" by the incident, which got worse when his own Twitter account was hacked days later with a number of slanderous messages appearing on his feed.

Speaking about the hack on Louise's account, Alik said he and Louise are trying to forget about it and move on. "I could let it bother me or I can be like, 'F**k it, it happened, it's in the past, deal with it.' And that's what I'm doing," he admitted to Star magazine.

He is even looking on the bright side of things and thanking his lucky stars it wasn't an even more intimate photo. "It sounds weird, but thankfully it wasn't a much more embarrassing shot. It could have been a lot worse!" he said.

That's a good attitude to have, at least!