Listening to Christmas FM all day? Turns out it is good for you

I’ve been listening to Christmas FM all day today and it has really brightened my mood. The radio station returned for one day only to celebrate Christmas In July.

Wham’s Last Christmas was blasting at full volume as I worked this morning and it really made me feel better. Lockdown hasn’t been easy so I am taking any ounce of joy that comes my way, even if it is six months earlier than usual.

A recent study has discovered that Christmas music actually has a positive impact on our health.

Researchers at McGill University explained that Christmas music makes us feel happy and upbeat because it can often trigger happy memories in our minds.

The team gathered a group of people to take part in an experiment to prove their point. They split the group into four and got each of them to listen to four genres of music- happy, peaceful, scary and sad.

The researchers discovered that when the people listened to happy music, they thought of happy memories.

Christmas music is one of my favourite things about the holidays so this news has made me feel pretty merry. 

I hate to say I told you so to all of the Grinches out there but… I told you so.