Liam sets it straight! He IS in love but she’s not ‘incredibly’ famous

Irish actor Liam Neeson has had to release a statement regarding the 'incredibly famous' lady he is allegedly dating. 

While promoting a 1916 documentary he narrated, the Taken star confessed that he has a new woman in his life. 

"I'd embarrass her if I said her name, she's incredibly famous. I'll have to do my best for her," the 63-year-old told the Irish Independent last week. 

"It's amazing how far a simple bunch of freshly picked flowers will go in a lady's life, I find."

And as the world speculated on who this lady may be (including us), after being linked to the likes of Susan Sarandon and even Kristen Stewart Liam has been forced to set the record straight. 

"He was joking with an Irish journalist while conducting an interview promoting a documentary," said the actor's rep to People Magazine.

"The humorous tone of that statement did not translate in the printed version of the interview."

While Liam may not have an incredibly famous lady on his arm, the rep did confirm that the actor is dating someone but did not reveal her identity. 

We're still delighted to hear that he is seeing someone.