Laure Whitmore announces huge news on Instagram


Laura Whitmore has announced that she is leaving MTV news! The presenter, who hails from Bray, won a competition to be the face of MTV News back in 2008, launching her career.

Now, it seems Laura is ready to move on and revealed the news on Instagram, writing: “After 7 years, I have decided it’s time to hang up my MTV news hat. It was my very first telly job and I can’t thank MTV enough for taking the chance on me. However due to some upcoming projects I can no longer commit. I will however still very much be on the channel hosting the ‘MTV asks’ artists specials, MTV Awards for International, festivals as well as some new projects currently in development. There are some other exciting projects over the next 9 months I will be telling you about when I can. In the mean time, next week will be my last news records. It’s been a blast! (This pic was taken the first day of my job in 2008) Lx”


Some news…

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Hmm, nine months – how intriguing…we can’t wait to hear what that is! Needless to say, her use of the particular amount of months has gotten tongues wagging and social media is already speculating that she could be pregnant!

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see on that one! Good luck in your new ventures, Laura.